Raw Sip- WoodApple.

Introducing an exciting, brand new, unique beverage in Victoria.

Our Product

RAWSIP’s WOODAPPLE is an explosion in the mouth and you will be transformed with the taste. RAWSIP products are just new, raw and sensational and with WOODAPPLE, this will be one of the products that will change the way you think about nectars today.

What is Wood Apple?

Wood apples are native to South East Asia and look like small coconuts. Wood apples have a hard exterior like a coconut, but have a sweet, brown fruit inside the shell, which tastes delicious. It is this delicious fruit that is used in RAWSIP’s WOODAPPLE nectar. Wood apples were used in Asia in the past as a relaxing drink for many benefits. Buddhist scholar, Xuanzang (602 and 664 AD) mentioned wood apple in his accounts and military commander and poet, Chauvundaraya (940-989AD) listed wood apple in numerous medicinal remedies. Wood apples have been used for traditional medicines since ancient times. All parts of the plant, includes the stem, bark, root, leaves and fruit has been used for traditional medicines since ancient times.

No time to relax? Need that boost during your busy working day?

When you are working hard tirelessly your brain generates the need to slow down to boost you up again. WOODAPPLE nectar is just the drink to give you that “Boost” you were looking for to make you feel relaxed and revitalised. It has all the natural ingredients which will transform your tastebuds and improve your mood. It will give you the edge that you needed and it will be a rewarding bonus to your busy day. At RAWSIP, we strive hard to create a delicious product to help you through your busy lifestyle.  

Restaurant & Café owners- why not try our RAWSIP WOODAPPLE nectar?

If you are looking for something different to provide to your customers, then this product should be your main staple in the drinks fridge. The stocking of our RAWSIP products at your place of business would create more of an option and opportunity to customers as WOODAPPLE nectar is a drink that surprises in its flavour and your customers will come back for more.

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Contact us at RAWSIP and we would be more than happy to provide you with more information about our exciting product which we are proud to call our very own.

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